XTRA Sports Athlete of the Week


XTRA Sports 1300 wants to recognize the best student-athletes of the week with your help! Nominate an athlete below and check back each week to vote for the best performance! The athlete with the most votes will appear on Drive Time Sports Fridays at 3:35p!


WEEK 1: Hayley McCorkle, Rampart Volleyball

WEEK 2: Ryan Outler, Widefield Cross Country

WEEK 3: Hayden Field, Coronado Soccer

WEEK 4: Leah Lester, Discovery Canyon Volleyball

WEEK 5: Genesis Andino, Discovery Canyon Softball

WEEK 6: Tarin Thomas, Rampart Softball

WEEK 7: Kyle Pope, Air Academy Football

WEEK 8: Ben Conlin, Rampart Cross Country

WEEK 9: Dillon Powell, Air Academy Cross Country

WEEK 10: Maggie Buckley, Rampart Swimming & Diving

WEEK 11: Harper Lehman, Cheyenne Mountain Swimming & Diving

WEEK 12: Samiyah Worrell, Fountain-Ft. Carson Basketball

WEEK 13: Marc Godec, Coronado Hockey

WEEK 14: Rachel Alexander, Discovery Canyon Diving

WEEK 15: Seth Fuqua, The Vanguard School Basketball

NOTE: Polls close at midnight each Thursday night.


Athlete of the Week

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